Rock Carpet (AKA Quarry Carpet) – Innovative Flooring with Custom Art, Logos and Blends of Colors

Rock Carpet is an amazing new surface for concrete floors, from Aggregate Systems Inc., and is available in 21 beautiful, natural colors. Blends and custom colors can provide thousands of design possibilities.

Imagine being able to embed your companies logo into your businesses driveway or entrance area, what kind of impression do you think that will leave on your customers!

But it doesn’t stop there, below is a list of other places that rock carpet is perfect for.

Rock-Carpet is the perfect solution for:





Pool Decks
Family Rooms
Mud Rooms
Green Houses

Entrance Areas
Display Areas
Unloading Areas

Advantages of Rock Carpet

  • Rock Carpet is composed of superior quality polymer binders and polished river rock from North and South America, and New Zealand.rock-carpet-logo-example
  • An unusual and versatile product for creating magnificent floors with artistic effects.
  • Stain resistant and easily cleaned by dry or wet vacuuming. Any household cleaner can be used to remove stubborn spills.
  • A premium flooring requiring minimal maintenance.
  • Rock Carpet comes with a 10 year warranty.

21 Natural Colors to Choose From


How is it applied?

Rock Carpet is trowel applied to your existing concrete surface by the Dealer’s Certified Factory-Trained installers. It is a clean and simple installation that is not bothersome or noisy.

Cleaning & Maintenance

Rock Carpet is porous, which means that it swallows dirt, grime and liquids while providing an always clean, safe and ADA compliant slip-resistant surface. To ensure your Rock Carpet retains its appearance, we recommend resealing every 1 to 5 years with an easy do it yourself spray called Sunscreen. Check out our Rock Carpet maintenance page for more detailed information on how to maintain it properly.​​​