Choosing Carpet – Choosing carpet that will last a lifetime

Choosing carpet is something that many consumers find to be a daunting task, especially with the overwhelming choices in types, brands, textures, colors and patterns. Many just go with the first carpet they see that looks good, but that is a big mistake!

The type of carpet you want depends on your lifestyle and where it will be put down at. Usually carpet is needed either for a home or office, so deciding that is easy. First though, we need to go over how carpet is made so you can fully understand everything.

Carpet is manufactured by sewing many strands of yarn into a backing material, which creates thousands of loops. These loops can be arranged many ways to form different looks and durability.

Now that you understand how and what carpet is made from, let’s talk about the different types of carpet and where they will be of best use.

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Types of Carpet

Cut pile – Cut pile is a type of carpet where they cut the loops instead of letting them curve around. This is a very common type of carpet, and can be found in many homes, in fact I am looking at it on my floor right now and you most likely will have it too.

Loop Pile – This type of carpet is where they don’t cut the loop, and the yarn goes out and back in, making a loop.

Patterned Loop – Patterned loops are made by not cutting the loops and giving them multiple heights, making the carpet look like it has a pattern. Many different patterns are possible with patterned loop carpet.

Cut and Loop – Cut and loop carpet is a mixture of both cut pile and loop pile, some loops are cut and some are not. This can give a very neat appearance with many different possibilities.

Textured Plush – This is the most decorative and versatile cut-pile carpet on the market. The textured surface helps to hide footprints and vacuum marks that can look so ugly. This type of carpet also adds casual beauty to any room in your home, and is actually the preferred style for busy households.

Saxony – Saxony has a refined cut-pile surface that is very smooth and has a soft finish. Saxony goes very beautiful with traditional interiors and can add a very distinctive elegance to just about any room in your home. This type of carpet is perfect for living and dining rooms.

Picking Out the Right Carpet

Choosing carpet for your home is perhaps one of the most important aspects a home owner has to consider, especially when it is carpet. Choosing carpet that goes well with the carpet and other flooring that may surround it is really just half the battle. You must choose carpet that also has good stain protection and could pass your houses durability test. The first thing you need to know when it comes to carpet durability is the carpet construction.

Choosing Carpet Construction

Just about all residential carpet that is manufactured is made as tufted carpet. Tufting is done by a tufting machine, which is basically like a really big sewing machine. This “sewing machine” inserts loops of fiber into the carpet’s backing to make the face pile of the carpet that is being made.

So the truth is that the life of your carpet depends on how good it is produced. High quality carpet construction will determine the durability and appearance of the carpet for years to come. Carpet construction also affects the price of your carpet and can be influenced by the twist of the fibers and density of the tufts.


The word twist in the carpet market means how tightly the fiber yarn has been twisted. In cut pile carpet, this is really important because the tips of fiber are exposed and might come untwisted making your carpet have a worn appearance.

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So what does this all mean to you? Well the tighter the yarn stays twisted the more your carpet will be able to stand up to constant traffic and wearing.

The type of carpet with the greatest amount of twists per inch of yarn is Frieze. The Frieze carpet has about 7 to 9 Twists Per Inch, also known as TPI. Most other cut pile carpet styles have about three to six twists per inch.


The density of your carpet means how many fibers are together within the carpet. The closer fibers are together, the denser your carpet will be. Just as a side note, you want denser carpet. Carpet that is dense performs and wears better then less dense carpets.

A really quick way to check how much density the carpet has is to push on the carpet fibers and try to touch the backing. The harder it is, the denser the carpet is.

If you are looking at an outward facing tuft, then just bend the carpet into a U shape and see how much of the carpet backing you can see. If you don’t see a lot of backing then that means that carpet is very dense.

Selecting the Color

Your floor is really like the fifth wall in your house, so the color needs to be perfect. When you choose your carpets color you need to take the walls, windows and furniture in your home into consideration so that it goes well with it. If you are choosing carpet from us then we will be able to help you find the perfect color. If you are buying from a local or online store, you need to have color samples of your home so you can hold it side by side to the carpet.

Carpet Padding

Perhaps just as important as the color and texture of your carpet, is the carpet padding that goes underneath it. Good carpet pad can leave your carpet feel much softer and have a more full bodied look to it. Proper padding can also help block stains and dirt from seeping through the carpet making it easier to clean up.

Carpet Tiles

Another alternative to flooring, and a much cheaper one to, is to get carpet tiles. Just like ceramic tiles, but you don’t need a professional to install them (and they are carpet 🙂 Carpet tiles can just be laid down over an existing flat surface that is no longer appealing to the eye, or just plain cement.

So how do you install it yourself? The picture below shows the easy three step process that anyone can do.

Careful of Carpet Installers

There are a lot of bums out their, especially in the carpet installation field. If you live in Bloomington Illinois, or surrounding areas, then we can supply and install your new carpet while guiding you through the whole process. Contact us to set up a free carpet estimate.

If you have to look for a carpet installer yourself, without a clue on any of their expertise or experience, then you might run into some problems.

The best way to find a carpet installer is to ask a friend for a recommendation. Your friends will be honest and tell you if the installer did a poor job. Ninety percent of our customers find out about us from word of mouth, and it will continue to be like that.


Choosing carpet warranties are sometime sketchy and they have many conditions that the average Joe doesn’t even know about, and when it comes down to it, it’s all about the conditions of the warranty.

Most carpet has the 10 year wear warranty, but the conditions are really never told to the consumer. In the case of a 10 year warranty, usually the conditions require that you lose 10% or more of the carpet fiber. Also, they go on to say that if you have lost 10% of the carpet fiber, the manufacturer is only obligated to replace that area of the carpet that has lost the 10% or more.

Another common carpet warranty is the 25 years or lifetime warranty. The same conditions usually exist with this warranty, with an added downside of making the carpet cost more.

Another type of warranty that is pretty popular is the Stain Warranty. This warranty sounds like a great deal, but as I said before, there are conditions to it. The stain warranty is usually by the Stainmaster people, and you will see the Stainmaster logo on the carpet.

The fact of the matter is though no carpet is stain proof, so here are the conditions:

Stains caused by these products are not covered…

  • Non-food and non-beverage items
  • Certain foods and beverages that contain strongly colored natural dyes
  • Substances that destroy or can change the color of your carpet (bleaches, medications, drain cleaners)
  • Vomit, urine and feces

Don’t get me wrong though, the Stainmaster warranty can still work out in the customers favor, and Stainmaster will honor it.

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