Do It Yourself Carpet Repair

Do it yourself carpet repair is a must know, since there are so many things that can go wrong with carpet, and hiring someone to take care of it each time can be expensive.

That’s why learning techniques for do it yourself carpet repair is indispensable for every home owner. Making these repairs is part of the care and maintenance of owning a carpet.

How old are your carpets? Do they look older than they are? Certain areas of the house are used more than others. This includes the areas by any doors leading outside, the family room, stairs, and bedroom.

Stairs especially end up developing problems and aging a lot quicker than the rest of the carpeting in your house. No matter where the damage is and how severe it is, here are some tips for do it yourself carpet repair to help get you started.

Assess the damage

One of the first things you should do before repairing your carpets is to figure out exactly what needs to be fixed. Keep a notebook with sketches and diagrams as well as a written description of the problems. Once you do that, decide which of these damaged areas are the most urgent to repair. Make sure you do those first.

General maintenance

Also keep in mind that the more diligently you care for your carpeting, the less damaged it will become. Wear socks or slippers in the house to prevent dirt and mud from getting inside and staining the carpet. Heavy shoes and boots can also cause the fibers to tear and fray. Also, impose a series of rules in the house that prevent people from eating on the carpeting. One of the biggest reasons for staining includes food and drink spills. Maintain a regular vacuuming and carpet cleaning schedule, too.

What kind of carpet?

Before making a do it yourself carpet repair you also need to know what kind of carpeting you have. Synthetic materials, for example, may need to be treated differently than natural fibers. Also, a wall to wall carpet will be handled differently than an oriental or area rug, for example, especially if the area rug is hand made. Different styles and materials may call for different techniques.

Contact the Manufacturer

Are you not quite sure which repair methods are best for your carpet? You may want to contact the manufacturer. They probably have a recommended set of instructions for proper do it yourself carpet repair for your particular carpeting. They may even have carpet repair kits for sale.

Repairing Stains and Burn Marks

If you have a Berber style carpet or what’s known as a cut-pile carpet, then it is relatively easy to remove any stains or minor burn marks. You may need to trim the area with the burn to remove any severely damaged marks. Contact your manual or the manufacturer for additional advice or removing stains. If you can’t remove the stain yourself, you may want to hire someone to do it for you.

Sometimes carpet can be damaged after a cleaning and can need a repair done by you or a professional. Check out my carpet cleaning repair page for more information on that topic.

More severe damage

In this case, you may need to apply a patch. This is why it is so important to save any carpet remnants. You can cut a small piece of the remnant to fit the space. Just cut away the old carpet and apply the new. When you are performing this do it yourself carpet repair, make sure you understand exactly how to use the specialized tools.

If you live in or around the Bloomington-Normal Illinois area, we can repair your carpet for you.