Hardwood Floor Repair – Repairing Your Hardwood Flooring

Although beautiful, hardwood floors can be a burden. They require special techniques to clean and maintain it. They are also fairly prone to scratches and nicks, especially in high traffic areas.

This makes the likelihood of the floor suffering more severe damage even more. However, the situation isn’t as bleak as it seems. Hardwood floor repair is something that is straightforward to do.

Yes, hardwood floors are beautiful. The way the wood shines when it’s clean. The want the furniture looks against the stain and type of wood. They’re elegant and can even increase the value of the house.

To many, this makes the hassle of hardwood floor repair even more worth it. Here is some advice that will help you make decisions concerning your hardwood floor repair.

Do it yourself?

The first thing you need to do when considering doing a hardwood floor repair is to decide if you want to do it yourself or hire someone. When assessing if you should do it yourself, consider how much work you think it will take. If there is a lot of damage, or if you don’t have the skills, it may be worth it to hire someone.

What’s the damage?

How much damage has your floor sustained? Before doing your hardwood floor repair, make sure it’s worth it. If a good portion of your floor is showing wear and tear, you may want to replace it. Also, keep in mind that not all damage requires a dramatic fix. Sometimes, all you need to do is wax or seal it with another component to get rid of any minor nicks and make the floor look new again.

How old is the floor?

A beautiful wood floor when properly cared for can last for years. There are floors that are nearly a century old that are in great condition. The secret is to maintain it properly. When cleaning hardwood flooring, make sure you don’t use harsh detergents.

You may use water or a water/white vinegar solution to remove spots. But, make sure you thoroughly dry the floor by hand or with a dry mop. Moisture can ruin the finish and cause the wood to rot.

Making the repairs

Let’s say you care for your floor but there is still some damage to repair. Well, you need to decide if the damage is minor, medium, or severe. This will determine exactly what you need to do to repair it. Consult do it yourself websites, books, and magazines for advice on how to make the repairs necessary to get your floor looking new. You an either make the repair by filling in the spots or you can apply a patch.

Contact the manufacturer

If your floor is fairly new and the damage is noticeable, you may want to contact the manufacturer. Your floor may still be under warranty. If not, they may have some advice on how to repair it properly and which products to use while cleaning it. This is important because if you use products that are less than optimal for your flooring, they can cause damage.​​​