Carpet Rug Installation – Installing your New Carpet Rug

Well, you’ve finally chosen a new rug. You’ve spent hours staring at swatches and matching them with your color scheme. You’ve considered the different materials and spent some time choosing a carpet pad. Now, all that’s left is the carpet rug installation.

When it comes to installing the carpet you can either do it yourself or hire someone. If you decide to hire someone, keep in mind that you want to find someone who is both experienced and charges a reasonable price. You may want to hire the store to do it or find a contractor yourself.

Even if you do have the skills you may still want to hire someone. A professional can do it quickly which is a bonus, especially if the room you need the carpet in usually sees a lot of traffic.

Regardless of whether or not you do it yourself or hire someone, it is still good to read up on the process. Here are some tips that will help with your carpet rug installation.

Check with the manufacturer

Before you begin, you may want to check with the manufacturer of both the carpet and the carpet pad. Your carpet rug installation will go a lot more smoothly if you make sure that there isn’t anything special you need to do. They may have some hints and tips that will help a lot.

Pay attention to temperature

In order to insure the right conditions for your carpet rug installation, you need to make sure the temperature and humidity are perfect. If you are installing the carpet on a concrete surface the temperature of the concrete itself needs to be no less than 65 degrees Fahrenheit. Overall, the room needs to be between 65 and 95 degrees and the humidity needs to be in between 10 and 65%.

Prepare the floor

If you are doing the carpet rug installation yourself, make sure you prepare the surface that the carpet is going on properly. This includes making sure it is the perfect temperature if it’s concrete and removing any debris.

Which floor type?

Keep in mind that depending on which floor you are installing the run on, this could affect the process. Are you installing it on concrete or wood? Different preparations may need to be made and different techniques as well. The danger with concrete is that if you nail the rug down, the concrete can crack so special tools may need to be used. Plywood is a pretty good surface to work with, though so if that is what your plan is, your job may be easier. There are other surfaces too besides concrete and wood and each one has its own unique needs.

If you want your carpet rug installation to go smoothly, it helps if you know a little about the process, even if you aren’t doing it. Make sure the room conditions are optimal and also pay attention to the type of surface you will be installing the rug on. Contact the manufacturer as well to make sure there isn’t anything special you need to consider when taking care of it.