Vinyl Flooring Installation – What you need to Know

Vinyl flooring is diverse and durable, especially for areas that see a lot of heavy foot traffic such as in entryways or in the kitchen- two of the busiest places in the house.

Things can go wrong in kitchens. Hot pans fall to the floor, people drop things such as knives, and the scuffing from chairs can really wreak havoc on them. Not so with vinyl flooring.

So, you’ve decided to purchase some durable vinyl flooring in a great pattern that matches your decorating scheme. Now all you need is find someone to do the vinyl flooring installation. Would you like that someone to be you? Here’s some advice:

Do it yourself or not?

First, you need to decide if you want to do your own vinyl flooring installation or if you want to hire someone. Hiring someone can be costly but they are experts and can get the job done fairly quickly. However, the expense can be considerable especially if you want someone experienced. If you do the installation yourself it could take longer but you will save money.

Hiring someone

You have two choices when it comes to hiring someone for vinyl flooring installation. You can either find a vinyl flooring installation contractor yourself or work through the store where you purchased the flooring. Ask for recommendations and then make a decision based on your budget needs and skill level requirements.

If you live in or around the Bloomington-Normal Illinois area, then contact us to schedule a free estimate for the vinyl flooring and installation of it.

Do it Yourself Vinyl Flooring Installation

So, you decided to do it yourself. Well, here are the steps for installing the flooring. These are just an overview. You may want to consult with the manufacturer for additional advice or read in a home improvement project book how to do it.

Prepare the surface

The first step is to prepare the surface before vinyl flooring installation. This means that the surface underneath needs to be clean and try. If the surface that is underneath is unsuitable, you will either need to clean it or install another. A lot of people prefer a plywood surface for this. You can also install it over concrete but you will need to apply an adhesive in advance that will help the flooring bond.

The skills

If you are skilled at these do it yourself projects you will have no problem. All that are needed are some carpentry skills because you will need to do some measuring and cutting. If you don’t have these skills you may want to hire someone. It can be frustrating to learn these as you go, especially since if you cut it incorrectly it can actually end up costing money to repair your mistakes.

Each case is different

Depending on the surface that is underneath, the type of adhesive you need to use, and whether or not your vinyl flooring is self adhesive, this can drastically change your method. Know that each case is different and you need to adapt the process to fit the space.

Before doing the vinyl flooring installation yourself, make sure you have the skills. A project can turn frustrating quickly if the process was done incorrectly. Then it will defeat the purpose of doing it yourself. Sometimes, it costs more for a professional to repair your mistakes than it would have if they just did the job in the first place.​