Rock Carpet Maintenance – How to Take Care of Your Rock Carpet

In order to ensure the proper care and Rock Carpet maintenance after installation, the customer should adhere to the following guidelines. If you fail to maintain these guidelines, it could affect the performance and longevity of your Rock Carpet.

    • Normal maintenance can be accomplished by simply sweeping and/or hosing the surface as required. If Rock Carpet has not been installed over surface drains; it should receive a wet vacuuming to remove any residual water.
    • Lightly scrub the Rock Carpet surface, using plastic brooms or a rotary floor scrubber and a liquid detergent with an optional mild bactericide if indoors. Flush thoroughly with clean, cool water and if necessary, wet vacuum to remove residual water. A deep extraction or steam carpet-cleaning machine with these chemicals actually does the best job of full depth cleaning and disinfecting.
    • Between weekly cleanings, should it be necessary to remove an unwanted spill – in most cases, the use of a common household floor detergent will dissolve the unwanted spill. Flush the area with water as above and wet vacuum to remove excess moisture.
    • Avoid using any petroleum solvents to clean Rock Carpet. Do not allow nail polish remover to be used on or around Rock Carpet – if it is spilled, flush thoroughly with water and wet vacuum dry. Also, avoid using strong caustic or powdered cleaning compounds. If you are unable to remove the spill, contact your local Rock Carpet Dealer for advice.
    • Do not use any chlorine-based products on a Rock Carpet surface for at least seven days after your installation is complete.
    • Rock Carpet will hold its original luster for a long period of time, although when it becomes dull, we recommend that the original installation be re-coated with Sunscreen, a cleaning product, generally once per year for exterior installations and 5 years for interior installations.
  • If you follow these maintenance tips, your Rock Carpet will last forever and have a shiny look that your friends and neighbors will envy.