Cleaning Vinyl Flooring – Tips and Techniques to Clean your Vinyl Flooring

So, you’ve had your vinyl flooring installed and you love it. The pattern matches your decorating scheme perfectly. You love that new floor look. Now, you want to figure out how to keep that look for a while. Well, you can with the proper techniques for cleaning vinyl flooring.

Yes, maintenance is simple but it does require some savvy about cleaning vinyl flooring and some tips on how to care for the vinyl flooring. Here is some advice.

Benefits of the right care

If you want your floor to last a while, caring for it in the ideal way is a good way to do this. Cleaning vinyl flooring properly also helps prevent damage and wear and tear.

Ask the manufacturer

First, you may want to ask the manufacturer the best way for cleaning vinyl flooring. They may have some hints or even some products that are specifically designed for the floor. If they don’t then you may be able to get some product recommendations.

Get rid of your shoes

One great tip for extending the life of your floor and for proper maintenance is to take off your shoes before you step on the floor. Some shoes have heavy heals and can nick the floors. Others will track in dirt or create scuff marks. These things require extra cleaning and the nicks are permanent. Also, make sure to wear slippers or socks. Oil and dirt on your feet can also damage the floor and shorten the lifespan. This is a simple step for cleaning vinyl flooring.

Before mopping

It is essential to sweep or vacuum the floor before cleaning vinyl flooring with a mop or anything else. Make sure all the debris is removed. If you try to mop even though there may be things on the floor, it can take longer. Also, some of the things on the floor may cause damage to the floor such as nails and screws, pebbles with jagged edges, pens and pencils, etc. If you remove these things first, it will prevent this damage.

Try water

Is your floor dirty but not disgusting? It may be overkill to use harsh detergents. Yes, these are great for removing stubborn soils and stains but it may not be necessary to use them all the time. Some cleaners are harsh and can also cause damage to the floor.

Choose a mild detergent

If you do decide to use soap or detergent, make sure it is mild. Most natural products are extremely gentle and they are better for the environment, for example. This is one of the reasons why you should contact the floor’s manufacturer. They can recommend products and when it comes to cleaning vinyl flooring you want to find the best products possible.

While the floor is being installed, you may want to ask the individual the best way for cleaning vinyl flooring. They can give you recommendations. These are often the best people to ask, especially if they have been in the business for a while. They’ve probably seen a lot of damaged floors and know exactly how to prevent it.